Cannabis knowledge is essential in today’s day and age.

Balanced Branches is here to help.


The cannabis industry is especially booming in Michigan, as more and more people jump on the green rush in the mitten state. Dependable information is crucial, and you’ve come to the right place to receive just that.

At Balanced Branches we’ve already done the secondary research, sorting through what’s true and false, and we’ve gained experience based knowledge through years of working in the cannabis industry. 


We Serve:

Individual patients seeking consultation on how cannabis can improve your health and well-being. Businesses can refer their patients to Balanced Branches with the guaranteed trust that we will take care and educate each individual based on their needs. 

New businesses looking into the next steps of provisioning, policies, and employee training. Cannabis is not your typical retail arena. It requires a different approach to be successful. You will be taught the tricks of the trade of the cannabis counter, preventative policies, and how to successfully navigate the nontraditional hiccups of the cannabis retail space. Every single policy that you set, from the information you give over the phone to parking issues, can either raise you above the rest. 

Established businesses interested in taking the next steps of improvement and furthering their staff’s education. You will be shown how to keep your patients happy, healthy and loyal. Balanced Branches will advise you on what works, what doesn’t (and why) and how to educate your staff to be compassionate and compliant.

Groups of individuals such as city counsels, health departments, etc. (Any group who would benefit from learning more about cannabis and the industry.) The green rush definitely impacts more than provisionary centers and their patients; Balanced Branches is ready and able to provide whatever training is needed. 

Services :

Dispensary Operations Assessment
I offer a unique to cannabis retail considerations in staff hiring, essentials in your membership agreement to reduce liability that create an efficiency in your daily sales process. I will show you the importance of inventory diversity & and why some product pricing, discounts, and daily deals work and some don't.
Patient Visit / Phone & Email Consultations
I offer personal consultations based on over a decade of experience in assisting patients with cannabis. I will walk you through the do's and the don'ts of incorporating cannabis into your life. Consultations may include retail menu research, specific medical condition research and in-person retail shopping.
Cannabis Research and Education: How it works and what we know so far
I can share with you the latest cannabis research from credible resources in regards to specific medical conditions. Using this knowledge your employees will be able to assist your patients to the best of their ability with your current inventory.
Product Development
I love doing recon and seeing what is the latest and greatest, how much it's going for and where the holes are in product offerings from a consumers point of view. With our cannabis markets here in Michigan varying so drastically, knowing the inventory, price points of your local competitors and carrying products that no one else does can make or break you in this market.
Vendor Development
We all know that it's who you know in this industry and what kind of relationship you have with them. Whether you are in need of craft flower for your shelves or are considering GMP creds for your processing, I just might have a guy for you.
Product Sales Training
Make no mistake that your sales team can make or break you. Your success directly depends on how well your staff knows not only your inventory but the people they are selling it to. Consumers will always remain loyal to those that they feel are knowledgeable and compassionate to their needs.
Group Education
The legalization of cannabis effects us all and provisioning center staff are not the only groups that can benefit from cannabis education. I have educated several groups from city councils, the health department and members of retirement communities. Everyone has questions and concerns and I am here to help you with straight answers regarding how this plant works with people and with society.
Plant, People and Policy
Educating your staff can be overwhelming. I am here to ensure that this new education keeps your patients loyal. All cannabis employees should know the basics in how to interact with the top medical conditions, what products work best for what, dosage recommendations, why terpene and cannabinoid profiles matter and oh so much more!

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle
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