I am a proud and loud Michigander, in that order. I have interacted face to face with people my entire working life. I had perfected my customer service and on-the-spot problem solving skills, as a realtor in the Metro Detroit area over two decades. 

Almost a decade ago, I made the amazing choice to change careers and apply my customer service and PR super powers to the cannabis industry. I have yet to regret a single day. 

I have worked for a cannabis certification center, and as a receptionist, consultant, manager and team leader with dispensaries in the Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit and the Walled Lake cannabis markets. 

I knew that starting with the foundation of cannabis in Michigan, it would give the knowledge, and the perspective, to really understand cannabis patients and the retail space. It is these first hand experiences that have given me the skills to guide cannabis retail businesses in the right direction. 

The dispensaries I have had the pleasure of working and learning with, have consistently maintained a Leafly top 3 spot at the state level and nationally hold a Business Insider “Top 15 dispensaries” spot. I am proud that I helped mold, open and run the very first legal Medical Marijuana provisioning center in Oakland County. 

I have always had a calling for helping those that lack representation. I am fully capable with educating, guiding and protecting my patients to ensure that their needs, concerns and health are a first priority. This is something that I take great pride in on a daily basis. I have a great faith in the healing power of nature and cannabis as medication. Regardless of political and sociological negativity, research and individual successes deserve to be recognized and respected.

I am a huge advocate for the importance of proper cannabinoid education, dosages, prescription interactions, whole plant products, terpene profiles and solventless extractions. I am also a firm believer that targeted, tailored cannabinoid and terpene medicine is the future of our new industry. 

I have been a card holder since 2010 to treat my symptoms from Muscular Dystrophy. Because of cannabis, I was able to work 60+ hours on my feet while relentlessly staying on top of new scientific research of this plant and how and who it can help. I focused on and constantly educated myself, and my staff, on organic whole plant medicine, terpenes, extraction processes, drug interactions and the ever-evolving marijuana laws. My education comes from relationships with scientists, vendors, doctors, testing facilities, reading everything I can get my hands on and personal accounts from the hundreds of patients I saw daily. I am at the point in my career where my experiences in patient relations, cannabis retail and compassion can truly help those seeking natural relief, clean medication and a fact-based education in this brave new world we are creating for ourselves. 

I have had some amazing opportunities over the last year. I have sat down with and helped to educate the Oakland County Health Department, both Walled Lake and Redford Twp. City Councils and residents at Brookdale Retirement Community in Novi and the American House in Troy. I have spoken before the MRA and participated in both Federal and State level court cases regarding safe patient access.

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