Budtender Training Example

Some medical conditions are more prevalent in the retail space. Your staff should understand these conditions and have the knowledge to properly help not only the ailment itself, but the behaviors that accompany it.


LIMONENE, PINENE & DELTA 3 CARENE-*Counters short term memory loss *Promotes alertness *Stimulates memory *Elevates mood

Physical signs and Interacting

Difficulty with Familiar Tasks

Patients may struggle with or recount their money several times. It may take them several tries to open a door or answer when their name is called.

  • Don’t rush them on this (unless they really can’t get it). They find it depressing, helpless and it just irritates them in general. Just be patient with them and offer a hand when warranted.

Repetitive Behaviors

Patients may count their money/change several times, triple check their lists, or recount the items in their bag a few times. They may make statements like “I just want to make sure you…”

  • Don’t take it personally! Especially if they accuse you of not putting something in their bag. Double check the bag slowly for the peace of mind of all involved.

 Taking Shorter Steps and Decreased Fine Motor Skills

Patients may move slower in unfamiliar spaces and are hesitant to pick up jars or magazines from counters on their own.

  • In this case, “hand” them the products you want them to look at.

Getting Lost and Wandering

Patients may be easily “turned around” in even small spaces (they lose track of the entrances/exits). They may wander from your station and roam around the room.

  • In this case, come from behind the counter and roam with them. Keep the conversation and education going. ADAPT TO THE PATIENT.

Poor Grooming, Hygiene and Dressing Habits

It’s so easy to judge people on this, DON’T. Maybe they can’t hold a toothbrush or comb anymore, or forgot to that morning, and can’t admit it to themselves yet. WE ALL HAVE A BATTLE GOING ON.

 Other Alzheimer’s signs

Confusion (especially at night), inability to recognize common objects, agitation and jumbled speech (NO they are not drunk).

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