“Ms. Roullier (Angie) channels the right mix of education, passion and first-hand experience in order to help others in the Medical Cannabis Industry. Whether it’s in Business, Patient care, or as an advocate for both, I believe the persistency and dedication she delivers on a project will result in great value and a high impact for any Team building a business in this Industry.”

David Mora
Mora Mota Group

“I worked closely with Angie during the grand opening of Oakland County’s first Provisioning Center. Its success is the direct result of her dedication and passion for the patients. Angie’s persistent focus on patient safety and education sets her apart from the profit driven businesses that dominate the market. She is the first person in the know on new discoveries in the field, always up to date on this ever changing industry. As a patient, I would be hard pressed to find a more compassionate and knowledgeable caregiver. As a colleague, her professionalism and mission oriented drive are second to none.”

Ryan Schuler
Corpsman Veteran

“Angie is one of my go-to sources within the cannabis industry. Her knowledge and passion for cannabis put her in an elite class of individuals within the Michigan cannabis industry. Myself being someone who is knowledgeable about cannabis, I seem to always learn something new from her when we talk. She has a great understanding of how the ECS works with cannabinoids/terpenes and knows how to make appropriate recommendations for products and dosage. Angie and her work inspire me to learn more about cannabis and I feel lucky to have a working relationship with her.”

Steve Scott
Craft Hemp Company

“Ms. Angie has the knowledge and the expertise that a patient and a business could, and would, ever need. She is so knowledgeable with products and knows all about the business aspect. And when it comes to caregiving, well I know from experience how kind and patient she is and puts 110% for her patients! She’s definitely a team player and the kindest person I know.”

Sherry Hoover
Retired Beaumont Nurse/Cancer Patient

Angie was instrumental in helping me to understand how cannabis is used in the human body to heal itself. She helped me to understand its role in reaching homeostasis, essential to healing within our own body’s cannabinoid system. Yes, who knew we had a cannabinoid system! Angie did … and her knowledge is outstanding. She has a thorough knowledge from A-Z, from strains to terpenes, Cancer to Lyme … all facets of healing with cannabis. Not only is her expertise invaluable but Angie goes above and beyond for her clients, specific to your individual health crisis. My particular cancer is quite rare … Angie went out of her way to investigate/research cannabis in relation to my particular case in order to provide me with as much information and guidance as possible. She is as passionate as she is knowledgeable and I highly recommend Angie to anyone who is on a healing journey. She is a wealth of information and a wonderful educator. She will always have your best interest at heart and she will always have your back. I am truly grateful for her care, her compassion, her expertise and I consider myself fortunate to have her in my healing journey. I am indebted to her genuine care and dedication, and proud to now also call her friend.

Grateful survivor, thankful thriver
Michelle “

“Angie has exceptional, extensive knowledge on medical marijuana. She’s capable of training an entire staff and any patient who is curious about the benefits marijuana has to offer. She has a wonderful training program that is sure to teach anyone the basics they need to know in order to inform a patient. She always has a solution and if she doesn’t, she will guarantee research until she feels confident in one. She is one of the most devoted people I’ve met; her main goal is to help people and that is exactly what she does.”

Sierra Couch
Cannabis Consultant
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